Fr. John Mathiang is alleged to be behind attempted murder of Bishop

Two suspects in the murder attempt of Bishop elect for the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek say they mobilized by Fr. John Mathiang to hurt the bishop confirming some of the witness testimonies told in court last week.

The accused Laat Makur Agok and Sebit Maurice the last two of the six suspects said the plan is t create insecurity and help frustrate the bishop to run away and elevate Fr. John Mathiang as the bishop. They told the high court in Juba that they were among those who attacked the church compound and shot the bishop-elect.

Mr. Laat Makur Agok and Sebit Maurice are among the six suspects in court and were given a chance to speak on Tuesday. Makur said he and other youth have been engaged in a private meeting with Fr. John Mathiang to attack the bishop.

On Monday, Fr. John Mathiang, a prime suspect accused of having linked to the armed men who shot and wounded the bishop-elect of Rumbek Diocese in April, denied charges connecting him to the attack.

He explain  that Fr. Mathiang told them not to fear because he would protect them and write security report about the Bishop safety concerns. “He told me, if you are afraid of the government, I am the one responsible, and I will be the one answerable. I would write my report saying this compound is always being attacked by criminals that is why I have requested for deployment of police to provide security’’ Makur narrates.

Adding that they held last meeting with the priest how to execute the plan to attack the compound on the 24th of April. 

Sebit Maurice is the 5th accused who confessed in court on Tuesday that he shot the Bishop on the 26th of April last year. He said they came with Laat Agok inside the church compound at night through the fence to execute the plan.

‘’We came through the fence. I switch off the lights of the Bishop’s room. I knocked on the door, but he refused to come out. After a few seconds, he opened it and came out. He stood at the door, blocking me from going inside his room. He tried to grab the gun from my hand, then I fired two bullets which shot him on the legs’’ Maurice confesses.

the court was adjourned and the judge say he will announced the verdict on the 3rd of March 2022.