Fox injures five people in Aweil West

At least five people reportedly got injured in a fox attack in Udhum Payam in Aweil West County, police have said.

“It just stormed the village and went on biting people one after the other until it was killed by someone called Malual Akal,” said Col Atak Kiir Wol, a senior police officer there.

The incident occurred at Machar Lang area on Sunday afternoon, 1 and half hour walk from Udhum town.

Of the injured are two girls and two boys below the ages of 18 and an elderly person believed to be 50 years old.

Kiir disclosed that the victims are being treated at a Udhum health facility.

He urged parents to take care of their children well so that wild animals do not attack and harm them.

In a separate development, 39 wandering dogs were killed in Udhum by locals in a campaign to curb dog bites on Monday.

Locals used machetes, clubs, and spears to kill the dogs that roam around in the market and in the residential areas.

Police say the exercise came after 19 people were bitten by dogs over the weekend in the area.