Four suspects arrested accuse of inciting clan violence in Tonj North

Authorities in Tonj North say they have arrested four suspects in connection to multiple inter-communal violence conflicts in Warrap state.

Official says those they arrested are the ringleaders that incite inter communal conflict that killed many innocent people in Tonj North County.

Hon. Kuol Akoon Kuol is the county commissioner of Tonj North. He said the four individuals were apprehended in a joint effort with local community policing which they had established to monitor people who instigate violence in the community.

Akoon appealed to the national government to conduct a nationwide disarmament exercise. Saying the guns in the hands of youth has made them wild and aggressive.

“I would like to tell our government to do general disarmament and get rid of guns in the hands of a civilian. That is the only solution, if we do not remove guns in their hands, the issue of killing cannot stop, we can arrest people, and at the same time, others can involve again,” Akoon stated.

He urged  people of Tonj North to stop fighting because development cannot happen when there is no peace and harmony in the area. 

Sultan Arou Kon Arou is one of the executive chiefs of the Abuok section of Panalor Payam in Tonj North County. He said the suspects should be send to the high court to stand trial for their crimes in the community.

“We are telling the government that, if you have arrested them, please look for other criminals that are still on the run. Women and children are suffering a lot for nothing. Many people have lost their lives. If we are ask as area chief, I can say that the culprit should be send to the high court to face justice for killing innocent people in the community, theft, and cattle raiding, “he said.

Last month, 16 people, including four women were killed and 11 others wounded in Tonj North County.