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Four suspected cattle raiders to stand trial in Kapoeta

Four suspected cattle raiders to stand trial in Kapoeta
Governor Louis Lobong address a peace rally in Machi on July 23, 2022. Credit//Eastern Equatoria state Press

Four suspected cattle raiders apprehended in Greater Pibor Administrative Area will stand trial in Kapoeta town of Eastern Equatoria state.

The young men from Kapoeta were arrested while trying to steal some cows in Buma on 14th August 2022.

The suspects allegedly shot dead two cattle owners during the foiled cattle raid.

They were handed over to the authorities in Kapoeta East County and are currently under police custody.

‘If found guilty of the charges, the alleged cattle raiders will compensate for the two lives lost of the people of Pibor community,” Louis Lobong Lojore, Governor of Eastern Equatoria state told Singaita FM.

He commended the cooperation between his state and Pibor Administrative Area in addressing cross-boundary insecurity.

Last month, Lobong handed over suspected criminals from Pibor who attacked Kapoeta South in an incident that led to the death of over 100 people.

Those apprehended during the attack in Kapoeta were treated in Torit under the protection of Governor Lobong.

“…because of the commitment we showed the other time when we released some of the criminals during the incident of Riwoto, they released them so that they will do tried here in Kapoeta for the deceased to be compensated,” Lobong stated.

The Governor reiterated his calls for peaceful coexistence between people from the two areas.

“…live in peace and harmony to show love to their neighbor, work very hard to produce enough food. Students should read very hard to change the lives of the people.”