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Four people killed in Warrap army base attack

Four people killed in Warrap army base attack
Some SSPDF soldiers | Credit | Courtesy

At least four people, including a mother and her baby, were killed in an attack on Ayuok military base between Twic County, Warrap State, on Monday.

The deceased are: Sgt. Ater Juma Ater, 35; Amel Deng Piol, 30; girl Achok Angok Chol, 2; and Nyibol Deng, 8.

Ayuok military base is part of the Abyei Independent Brigade. Brigadier Kuel Garang Kuel, head of SSPDF in Warrap, said the females were shot while sleeping in their mosquito nets.

The motive behind the attack on the military base is unclear.

However, Brig. Garang accused armed youth from Abyei Administrative Area of carrying out the attack.

“The attack was carried out by Ngok armed youth, according to commander of Ayuok military base, who told me the armed men returned to Abyei area after they were repulsed,” he told Mayardit FM.

Meanwhile, Kuol Chan, the executive director of Alel Payam in Abyei Administrative Area, said he was not aware of the incident.

“We have no information about the incident or the ones responsible for the attack. Besides, no one called us from Ayuok area to tell us what happened,” Chan stated.

“If something like that happened, then it has to be probed in order to establish those behind the attack.”