Former anti-corruption boss released on bail after governor detained him

The former chairperson of the anti-corruption commission in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state has been released on bail.

Anei Rok Akuei was set free on Tuesday following the intervention of SPLM-IO officials in Aweil.

He was arrested and detained at the central prison on Monday after the state governor lifted his immunity.

He was arrested after he allegedly wrote a letter accusing the State Governor and the State Minister of Finance of embezzling public funds.

In the letter seen by Akol Yam FM, Mr. Rok indicated that the governor and the minister have not been accounting for the money disbursed to the state by the national government and other locally generated revenues.

This includes 260 million South Sudanese Pounds from national Grants, and 30 million South Sudanese Pounds from local revenue, and $317, 000 and $60, 000 monthly Personal Income Taxes collected from NGOs.

It is said that the Director General in the State Ministry of Finance opened a case against Mr. Rok to prove the allegations before a court.

He was arrested after he reportedly failed to produce evidence to support his allegations.

Rok Akuei is an appointee of the SPLM-IO.

Garang Wol Kon, the Secretary General of the SPLM-OI in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state said the governor has no powers to lift the immunity of a member of a different party.

Mr. Wol said they are following up the matter through legal channels to secure the release of Rok.

On Wednesday, the State Minister of Information confirmed to Akol Yam FM that Mr. Anei Rok was released.

“The chairperson of anti-corruption was released on bailed yesterday after investigation was done. The Public Prosecutor Attorney, the government who open the case against Anei will wait for the court to schedule [hearing] that will announced soon,” William Anyuon Kuol said.

He added that Mr. Anei Rok is still required to avail financial documents to “prove that the governor and Minister of Finance have been misusing public funds. We need him to defend what he reported to the public.”

The Secretary General of the SPLM-OI in the State said they will turn up for the court hearing when the date is set.

“Yesterday evening, the Senior Prosecutor Attorney completed the process of investigation on allegations forced on the former chairperson for anti-corruption, but we bailed him out. We are waiting for a court session to be scheduled,” Garang Wol Kon stated.

All state governors, cabinet ministers and heads of commission are appointed by the President in consultation with parties to the 2018 revitalized peace agreement.

The SPLM-IO said it is the role of the anti-corruption commission to expose cases of corruption in the state.