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Floods devastate 22 villages in Twic

Floods devastate 22 villages in Twic
FILE: A flooded village submerged by water in South Sudan Courtesy

Locals in at least 22 villages have been made homeless due to devastating floods in Twic County of Warrap state.

Local leaders say most of the homes have collapsed and livelihoods uprooted.

Some of the affected villages include; Riel, Yiou, Anap Raang, Marial, Mabil Yoou, Tum Akoon, among others.

Chan Malek Chan, the Area Administrator told Mayardit FM that some of the villagers and camping with their cattle in Majak, Akak and Panyok markets.

He appealed to aid agencies to support the displaced with food and non-food items.

In the meantime, Malek urged those affected to register with the local authorities.

“Anyone whose house collapsed must come to Payam authority to register his or her name to wait if there will be support to the affected population.”