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Flooded schools prevent children from resuming classes in Abyei

Flooded schools prevent children from resuming classes in Abyei
FILE: Children use boat to cross a river in Agok, Abyei Area. Credit//Alamy stock

Education officials in Abyei Administrative Area say at least eight thousand learners have not returned to school due to floods.

The children have been at home since last month.

John Ajang Kiir, the Education Director in Abyei Area told Mayardit FM that 5 primary schools have been submerged by water.

For the entire month, he said, the schools are still sitting in water. The latrines have also collapsed.

The affected schools include Mijak, Akech nhial, Rumameer, Mac Buong and Minyang.

“When a child crosses in deep water and drowned, it will be our responsibility, that is why we are keeping them at homes,” Mr. Ajang said.

He disclosed that plans are underway to resume classes under trees in dry areas. Only pupils from the upper primary will be allowed to learn under trees, while the lower primary will continue to remain at home.

“It doesn’t meant education has collapsed. If some classes collapsed, then it is our responsibility with the parents to make some temporary classes. It will not prevent children from resuming lessons if waters dries up,” Mr. Ajang stated.