Flood killed Nearly 800,000 livestock and 37 thousand tons of cereal production destroyed

A report released by UN Food and Agriculture Organization FAO says flood has killed nearly 800,000 livestock’s and 37 thousands tons of cereal production destroyed

The report highlighted state by state summary of the effects of flooding in 2021, with Unity, Upper Nile, Warrap, Northern Bahr El Ghazal and Jongeli lead in term of the total numbers of livestocks killed this year, according to the team of assessment.

The UN FAO representative in South Sudan Mr. Meshack Malo said the assessment was done to show the threat to livelihood across South Sudan. He said the livestock’s killed by flood include cattle, sheep, goats, dogs, Donkeys, poultry and others.

In Warrap state an estimated loss of more than 21,126 tons of cereal production, a significant portion of the total nation-wide cereal production loss which is estimated at 37,624 tons.

Malo says they are in contact with partners and government to see how the community can be supported.  “It true that most of the states of South Sudan are affected by flood in 2021″ he said.

He stated that with support from USAID, Norway, and UK among others his office will be able to provide seeds, tools and fishing kits to the people affected by flooding in South Sudan.

The report concludes FAO will be working with ministries at both the national and state level to address the effects of the floods in 2022.