FJN appoints TRC news editor as secretary-general

The South Sudan Female Journalists’ Network (FJN) has on Friday appointed the news editor of The Radio Community, Ibasi Patricia Tobs as its new secretary general replacing Ms. Juan Evalyn Mule.

Ibasi was appointed after the two-day first ever general assembly of the Female Journalists’ Network held on August 10-11, 2023 in Juba.

“The meeting appointed Ms. Patricia Tobs as Secretary General of Female Journalists Network,” The FJN’ statement released on Friday reads.

The statement revealed that the female journalists coming from the states raised concerns of unfair operation of the network in balancing the activities in the city of Juba and the states.

“The meeting noted that most activities of the network have concentrated in Juba leaving those in various states of the countries out. To close the gap, members directed the Steering Committee to consider states when planning for the coming years,” the statement noted.

Ms. Ibasi holds bachelor’s degree in mass communication from the Makerere university.

Female Journalists’ Network is a body of female journalists in South Sudan drawn from the print, broadcast, freelancers and female journalists in advocacy.