Five witnesses testify in court over death of Abuk Lual

As the trial of 6 years old girl continued, the court heard testimonies from five witnesses who testified before a high court judge in Aweil on the second day of the Abuk Lual case.

Hundreds of Aweil residents turn up in court to attend the session on Tuesday. Three accused are in court, including a 42-year-old identified as Saber Abu Sam, prime suspected.

Late Abuk Lual Lual was defiled and killed by one of the Sudanese traders on 4 May 2022.

Akol Yam FM reporter who covered the event says heavy security was deployed inside and outside the courtroom.

The President of Aweil High court, Judge Abraham Majur Laat, presided over the case, collected the evidence, and heard testimonies from the witnesses.

One witness who testified in court this morning is Mr. Wieu Akeen Wieu told the court he met the suspect (Saber) at around 3 pm coming out from the compound where the incident occurred.

He narrated that suspect Saber declined to respond to the greeting that probed he had committed a crime.

“I saw Saber coming out from the compound where the incident happened and greet him, but he didn’t respond to me. So, I went because I was unaware that the incident had happened until I got back to freedom. I got a call from home about the incident, and it came to my mind that Saber is the first suspect.”

Another witness is Aweng Chan Thiep, a 14-year-old who says she left Late Abuk and played with children before she (Aweng) went to the market.

Chan says she got the child missing, asked other children about her whereabouts, and was told Abuk was taken by Saber (suspected) and dumped in the pit latrine.

“After I noted that Abuk was missing, I asked her sister, and she told me that Saber had given them some sweets and took Abuk into his room and again he put her into the pit latrines, immediately Saber came, and he even helped the people searching for late Abuk.

Witness said despite the effort the suspect Saber has made to help the family facilitate the body’s transportation for burials in the village, he (Saber) is still the child’s killer.

A police investigator presented evidence on Monday, including the bed where the suspect raped the child, clothes, and others allege belonging found in the room.

The next court hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, 25 May, where the accused will have the right to respond to the allegations level against them.