Five more killed in Twic cattle-related fighting

Five more people are reported killed and three others injured in cattle-related fighting in Twic County, Warrap State.

The Monday attack in Aweng Payam comes a day after four people were killed and six others injured when suspected youth attacked military base in Turalei.

The deceased, according to officials, were identified as Manut Atem Yak, 45; Kuot Ngor Dau, 20; Deng Majok Akuei, 35; and Angok Kuot Mawien, 38.

The injured are Majok Gar Deng, Akuei Ring Chol, Deng Makuach Yuot and Ajuet Deng Muorwel.

“The armed men raided cattle at around 1:00PM and some youth ran after in an attempt to recover the animals, in vain,” said Brig.-Gen Marko Mawien, director of police in Twic County, adding that the occurred in Aweng Payam.

The acting Commissioner of Mayom County, Peter Bitong, confirmed that they are aware of the incident.

He said that security forces were dispatched to Gol and Abyei areas to encounter suspected armed youth entering Mayom territory.

“We heard yesterday form Paramount Chief of Aweng Payam Jacob Madhel about the incident happened. We dispatched security forces to encounter raiders before they arrive home,” Bitong told Mayardit FM on Tuesday.

Both officials from Twic and Mayom counties reiterated call on governments of Unity and Warrap states to deploy forces along the border to curb cattle rustling.

In March, Mayom county officials said they had lost a soldier during a recovery mission for over 2,500 heads of cattle raiders had stolen from Twic County.