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Five drunk soldiers injured in a grenade explosion in Warrap

Five drunk soldiers injured in a grenade explosion in Warrap
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At least five soldiers have sustained injuries following a grenade explosion in Twic County of Warrap state.

The hand grenade reportedly belonged to a drunk soldier who together with his colleagues was helping a trader lift cartoons of beer.

The incident happened on Saturday night at Ayuok military unit in Athony area.

Captain John Akol Tong ho is the Head of the SSPDF Unit in Ayuok area said the soldiers who transferred the beers from one truck to another had an argument among themselves.

“The soldiers went to transfer cartoons of beers from vehicle to another because the flood cut off road from kilo 27 road. The vehicle was loaded with cartoons and the soldiers drunk some beers. While returning to their base, they started shooting randomly in the air. We thought that they were ambushed and we went into trenches. I ordered the soldiers to lay down their guns and I put them in jail. After I jailed the soldiers, others also came and among them one was carrying grenade, they were quarrelling, and suddenly the grenade exploded,” he narrated.

Akol added that one soldier has critical injuries while 4 others sustains bodily harm from the shrapnel.

They have been admitted at Mayen Abun hospital.

The head of Mayen Abun health facility, Martin Kuooc said the patients are recovering well.