Five alleged instigators of party brawl arrested in Tonj North

At least five young people have been apprehended by police for allegedly instigating last week’s violence at a traditional dance in Tonj North County of Warrap state.

The brawl at the local dance or party left two revelers with head injuries on November 10.

The fight was reportedly over boy-girl relationships in which some partygoers were not happy. Some boys were accused of delaying some girls at the party beyond normal hours.

Colonel Joseph Mayen Chol, the Deputy Director of Police in Tonj North County said those arrested include some girls.

“Those arrested are young men and girls who ran away when the fighting started. The five are under investigations. One person of the detainees said he was washing his cloths when some youth asked him why he delayed the girls and immediately they started beating him,” he said.

On November 5, a man in Tonj South County shot a teenager at a traditional dance in Akuc Chieng village.