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Fishing net ‘kills’ 3 in Twic East

Fishing net ‘kills’ 3 in Twic East

The fighting which claimed three lives in Twic East, Jonglei State, at the weekend was caused by a fishing net, an official has said.

On Sunday, three men identified as Deng Chol, Atem Deng, and a well-known wrestler – Deng Dau Muoradong – were killed in the intercommunal clashes.

“Fishermen from Twic and Duk share Got-Akuat fishing area. Yesterday, a fishing net for one of the gentleman from Duk got burnt and that caused the incident,” said Jacob Chol, Twic East County commissioner.

Chol said the issue caused quarrel between the two groups of fishermen. With an intervention from local leaders, the matter was addressed amicably.

However, the aggrieved men reportedly later returned to the area and opened fire, killing the three men and injuring others.

“Youth from Duk County were not convinced and satisfied with the intervention made. They picked up their guns and returned and started opening fire people,” he explained.

The commissioner added that the incident was not politically motivated, adding that the government should bring to book the perpetrators.