Fight among bandits over a stolen gun leads to death

A suspected bandit has been shot dead in a presumed in-quarrel among criminals on Monday in Ikwoto County in Eastern Equatoria state.

He is believed to be a member of a criminal group in Losiget Boma.

The Criminal Investigation Department in Ikwoto reported that the suspect was shot at 6pm after he and other suspects grabbed a gun from a farmer who was returning home from the farm.

The suspected criminals reportedly argued over the custody of the stolen gun leading to one of them getting shot.

“The same criminal who grabbed his gun by force started fighting among themselves because of the gun; each of them wanted the gun. It is from there that they shoot one person from their side,”Sergeant Taban Abalang said.

Police in Ikwoto are investigating the incident. Sergeant Abalang said there is a large presence of suspected criminals, including cattle raiders putting on army uniforms in the County.

“It is not the first time this issue of killing is happening here. The criminals are in large number and wearing different types of organized force uniform of South Sudan.”

He added that the police is overstretched and burdened by lack of mobility.

“It is hard for the police to reach to the place where the incident happened due to car fuel, and not that any vehicle belongs to us here.”

Sergeant Abalang appeals to citizens in Ikwoto County to refrain from crimes such as cattle raiding and inter-communal fights to allow total peace and development to prevail in the County.