Fatherhood dispute claims life in Yirol East

Police in Lakes State says it is preparing to investigate the death of an inmate who allegedly committed suicide at Malek detention cell at the weekend.

The deceased was identified as Taban Achiek Garang, 35. He was a police officer serving at Malek Payam of Yirol East County.

According to the report, Taban first impregnated Yar Telar seven years ago. She later got married to Sebit Deng Butich from Aparer section of Ciec community in Yirol East. The first child, a son that both men claimed, is now 7.

Police Spokesperson Elijah Mabor told Mingkaman FM that the deceased person was arrested by the plaintiff Deng on Friday after he discovered that Taban was still having an affair with his wife.

That night, Taban reportedly used the blanket that he had been given to protect him from cold to as a rope to hang himself within the police cell.

“So far, no one has been arrested. The relatives were advised to bury the deceased and the police will start the investigation after the mourning,” Mabor said.

But the spokesperson had earlier said the victim when to the woman’s house to take his son, a move that angered Deng, who then opened adultery case against Taban.

According to Taban’s relative, Thon Mabor, the deceased recorded a message on his phone before taking his life, advising his family members not to continue with the case of the child.

“We checked his telephone yesterday and we found the audio that he recorded before he took his life,” the cousin said. “He said that the family should not bother to follow up the case of the child. It is very sad to have lost him at a tender age.”

In modern societies, such a dispute is addressed through a court-ordered DNA paternity test, which determines whether a child is person’s biological father.