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FAO inspects solar-powered boreholes in Kapoeta North

FAO inspects solar-powered boreholes in Kapoeta North
Some Kapoeta North County residents fetch water from the new multipurpose solar-powered borehole | Credit | Elizabeth Lochapio/Singaita FM

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) together with the county authorities of Kapoeta North on Thursday paid a visit to Najie and Lomeyan payams to inspect the multipurpose solar-powered boreholes there.

This is a government project being implemented by FAO with funding from the African Development Bank.

The two areas are mostly populated, with Naminitoit Boma lived by over 10,000 people while Kastongor Boma in Najie has over 6,000 people – the information Singaita FM could not easily verify.

However, water scarcity is one of the major challenges facing the communities in Kapoeta North County, according to the officials. This resulted in the construction of the facilities, which begun in February, and concluded in August 2023.

The multipurpose solar-powered boreholes will provide water for human consumption, livestock, and for crop irrigation within those particular areas.

“The inspection was done yesterday and then the contractor had to hand over the facilities to FAO; the county is to train the water management committees on how to mange water,” Commissioner Emmaunel Lolimo told Singaita FM.

The commissioner further said the two boreholes will be handed over to the communities after the training of the water management committees, which is expected to be done by the end of next week.

Similar facilities are expected to be constructed in Wokobo and Lokwamor payama of Kapoeta North County as part of the ongoing project.