Evicted 170 traders in Turalei call on the county authority to protect their properties

At least 173 local traders in Turalei market were forcefully removed, and their temporary shop structures were destroyed on Thursday. Authority said they are removing illegal structures set up in the local football pitch ahead of the planned Twic Olympic tournament next week.

Some traders who spoke to Mayardit FM say their goods are exposed to theft and call on the county authorities to provide security of their goods at night.

Official defended their decisions, saying they refused to voluntarily move to the designated market because they occupied part of the local football playground.

One trader, Deng Guot, said the new market they have been moved to is isolated and needs security to safeguard their businesses and properties at night.

“We shall be sitting down to discuss what to do to see whether we shall leave the place and go to operate our businesses where we came from or other places.”

He said the county authority should have first conducted a risk analysis before evicting them.

Wol Kuot sells men’s and women’s clothes. He said that he does not have money to establish a new shop because his business is small.

Another trader Bol Rou says they will lose most of their regular customers because the new place is far from the main market.

Mr. Barac Aguer Atem is the Executive Director of Twic County in Warrap state. He said the government would arrange a space for the market during the dry season, citing that traders will be there for short times.

The Twic Olympics tournament is scheduled to commence on Monday, 3rd January 2022.