EU donates food to the Juba orphanage

The European Union has donated food to the orphanage in Juba to commemorate European Day. Europe Day, held on 9 Maycelebrates peace and unity in Europe every year.

The date marks the anniversary of the historical ‘Schuman declaration’ that set out his idea for a new form of political cooperation in Europe, which would make war between Europe’s nations unthinkable.

The European Union Ambassador to South Sudan, Christian Bader, said he visited the orphanage to come and share with them some love and care. At least 65 orphans’ children will benefit from the food donated.

Amb. Bader says the EU is committed to continuing its support to the people of the south but encourages the implementing partners to use it appropriately.

“We bring you today something small it is just food and some supplies to get along. We will keep an eye on this place and make sure even if we must pay from our pocket because this doesn’t even need to be EU money.”

Bader also encouraged the government to support the orphans and other street children who have not succeeded in getting an education. He says that will help crime education and limit the number of children on the streets.

The director of the Juba orphanage friends Emmy Sworo, welcomes the denotation saying the items include Flour, rice, beans, sugar, oil, onions, and salt.

He says the institution was founded in 2006 to educate orphan children.  Mr. Sworo sites challenges such as sanitation, clothing, security food education affecting the institutions.

He stressed that economic hardship and the Covid-19 pandemic have badly affected the department.

“The impact of covid-19 has hit very hard, especially friends of juba orphanage as we are relying mostly on individual donations, and donations from other well-wishers coupled with the economic challenges in this country we have recently faced a lot of challenges.”

Ayeko Wani Orun, the Executive director of social welfare in Central Equatoria, also commended the EU and the other partners’ continued support of the orphanage.