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EES traders warned against hiking prices

EES traders warned against hiking prices
A shop at Kapoeta market on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 | Credit | Clement Otto Anthony/Singaita FM

Authorities in Eastern Equatoria have warned traders against hiking market prices as people prepare for Christmas in the state.

During the Christian holiday, some parents spend their earnings on new clothes and shoes for their children. Others redecorate their homes and throw parties, which involve feasting.

But an official at the state Ministry of Trade and Industry says some businesspeople are taking advantage by raising prices, affecting the residents.

Stephen Ihude Oduho, director general, confirmed that he has received numerous complaints over exaggerated prices in the markets.

Ihude appealed to the traders to cooperate with the public and government and stop increasing prices for the benefit of the local population.

“It is important that traders take the concern of the consumers by adjusting prices to the level which allows them to make normal profits, not abnormal profits,” he told Singaita FM on Monday.

In response, some traders in Kapoeta town – who import their items from the neighboring Kenya – said they fix the market prices, depending on the exchange rates and local government tax.

Currently, $100 is selling at 67,000 and Ksh1,000 is selling at 5500 South Sudanese Pounds

“My concern to the government is that, those who have Mpesa in the market should be controlled, because when they increase the exchange rate, prices start to increase in the market,” said a trader.