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DT Global donates motorbikes to Kapoeta grassroot peace mobilizers

DT Global donates motorbikes to Kapoeta grassroot peace mobilizers
TVS Motorbikes donated to grassroot peace mobilizers in Kapoeta

Thirteen community-based organizations have received TVS motorbikes from DT Global to support mobility and grass-root peace mobilization efforts.

The group is part of the Nyakirket Consortium that is implementing Shejah Salaam project in Kapoeta.

They are advocating for peaceful coexistence in Eastern Equatoria state.

Peter lokwang, the Administrator of Nyakirket Consortium said they have been having difficulties in carrying out peace activities and disseminating peace messages due to transportation challenges.

“This is going to reduce the challengers we are having in reaching Kapoeta North, South, East, Budi County on issues of peace,” he stated.

The local organizations that have benefited from the motorbikes include; Holistic Community Transformation Organization (OCTO), Skills for Pastoral Communities Organization (SPACO), Root of Generation, Humanitarian Organization Development-South Sudan (HOD-South Sudan), among others

Nelson Romben, Regional Program Officer for DT Global in Kapoeta mentioned that the motorbikes were donated together with some spare parts and helmets to support peace mobilizers.

“The community mobilizers go to communities that are staying outside the town, and reaching them using vehicles is very difficult…”

DT Global is implementing the five-year, Shejeh Salam Activity in South Sudan to build the foundation for a more stable and socially cohesive South Sudan.

Shejeh Salam is currently programming in the five States and 13 Counties as prioritized by USAID.