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Drug shortage ‘kills’ Kapoeta South man

Drug shortage ‘kills’ Kapoeta South man

A patient whom a health facility in Eastern Equatoria State’s Kapoeta South County turned away recently due to lack of drugs and medicines has died, an eyewitness has told Singaita FM.

Joseph Napyiem says after Logetei Nakalei complained of serious chest pains on Monday, his relatives took him to Napetait Primary Health Care Center.

However, the health workers told them that the center had run out of drugs and there was nothing they could do to help him and thus they took him back.

When Nakalei’s health conditions deteriorated a couple of days later, the relatives carried the 47-year-old man to the healthcare center again, which still turned him away, because there was “no any drug to me administered to him”.

“When he was taken back to his house, he died that very evening at around 6:00 because there was no way,” said Napyiem, who is also a ‘resident reporter’ for the radio station.

He added that several families in the boma have started seeking health services in Kapoeta town, which is a bit far.

For his part, Angela Laurence, county health director, confirmed the incident, saying the area received the last drug consignment in January 2023.

But he said they received medical supplies on Wednesday evening and every PHCC would get its shares within the week.

“We received yesterday the new consignments and we are preparing to send some now to the health facility,” he added.