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Driver runs over a child playing under a truck in Kuajok

Driver runs over a child playing under a truck in Kuajok
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Police in Kuajok town have detained a 37-year-old truck driver for running over a child on Monday.

The man killed the 2-year-old boy who was said to be playing under the truck in Mayen Gumeel area.

Colonel James Wol Tong, Deputy Director of Traffic Police in Kuajok told Mayardit FM that the vehicle was parked near the child’s home. He said the boy died on the spot.

He blamed the driver for negligence.

“When you want to start your vehicle that has been parked in certain place, check first what is under the vehicle before you climb into your truck,” he said.

“You start the engine and stay for a while and look through the mirror in front and rear to see what is there. Animals that are with us such as dogs, goats and small babies can hide under parked vehicles if you are not careful.”

Colonel Wol said the driver is currently in police custody.

Last month, traffic police reported the death of 3 people and 8 injuries in separate road accidents in Warrap state.