Driver in critical condition following accident on Kapoeta-Narus road

A driver is in critical condition after a commercial Landcruiser he was driving overturned along the Kapoeta-Narus road on Tuesday afternoon.

The vehicle registered under SSD 660 B overturned in Naknak area at 4pm. Four other passengers who were in the vehicle also got injured. They include three males and one female.

The passengers and the driver have been admitted to Kapoeta Civil Hospital.

“The others are okay, but only the driver is badly injured. When he was brought here, he was vomiting blood but today at least,” said Rovason Lonyia, Kapoeta Civil Hospital Administrator. “We need to manage him for some days and if there is no change within 7 days, we will refer him to Juba.”

According to the Traffic Officer for Administration at Kapoeta Municipal Council, the accident was caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, and overspeeding.

“We took these people to the hospital, and the driver was totally harmed. The main problem is that the driver was taking alcohol, we found some alcohol inside the vehicle and he was totally drunk,” Sergeant Major James Garang Wol disclosed.

He warned drivers against consumption of alcohol as it risks the lives of passengers.