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Driver, conductor, passenger killed along Juba-Nimule highway

Driver, conductor, passenger killed along Juba-Nimule highway
Fire from a burning vehicle along Juba-Nimule highway

Armed men along the Juba-Nimule highway have killed three people, including a driver on Tuesday morning.

8 others were also injured in the road ambush around Ame.

Police said the attack was on a Bonga bus, a commercial vehicle ferrying passengers between Juba and Nimule.

Major General Daniel Justin, the spokesperson of the National Police Service told The Radio Community that security forces have been deployed along the highway.

“It happened between Ame and Obama village. The Bonga bus fell into an ambush at around 12PM, three people got killed; the driver, assistant driver and one passenger. Our forces went there and the attackers ran away. We are following their footsteps but now the situation is normal and vehicles are moving,” he reported.

Those wounded are receiving treatment in Nimule.

The Acting Inspector of Police in Nimule, Sergeant Major Salah Osman Danga also confirmed the attack.

“The four wounded people that we have given form eight are now in Nimule hospital,” he said.

Nimule highway remains South Sudan’s main trade lifeline to East Africa. The landlocked country import most of its goods from the Port of Mombasa to Juba and the rest of the country through the Juba-Nimule highway.

There have been sporadic attacks on commercial vehicles along the highway.

Last year, a catholic nun was killed when armed men attacked a passenger vehicle on the same road.