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Doctors to launch eye disease screening in Abyei

Doctors to launch eye disease screening in Abyei

An official in Abyei Administrative Area has encouraged those with eye problems to stay at home as a medical team from the national Ministry of Health carries out a door-to-door eye screening, starting Monday.

Many people are suffering from cataract, trachoma, and other eye problems in the administrative, according to Deng Arop, minister of Health.

The seven-specialist medical team, together with the medical personnel in the area, is expected to visit every home to identify those with eye defects.

“The doctors want to identify people suffering from trachoma, cataract, and other eye problems. After the verification, the team will return to Juba with the samples taken so that they can decide when to conduct the mass treatment,” Arop told Mayardit FM on Thursday.

He asked to the residents to ensure that the would-be beneficiaries of the free treatment stay indoors for the seven-day exercise.

“I am appealing to those with eye problems to remain at home because these doctors and our medical personnel shall be visiting the 30 bomas, screening patients,” the minister added.

Cataract is a condition that can affect the eye causing clouding of the lens, a gradual progression of the vision and if not treated may result to vision loss.

While trachoma is a disease of the eyes caused by a bacterial infection that can be easily transmitted from one person to the other and it affects mainly children and mothers.

Trachoma infection can be attributed as a result of lack of personal hygiene and environmental sanitation, low availability of water and living in a crowded places.

Globally, it is the leading infectious cause of blindness and the eighth most common blinding disease, according to reports.