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Diplomat warns of worse economic hardship in South Sudan

Diplomat warns of worse economic hardship in South Sudan
The European Union Ambassador to South Sudan, Christian Bader speaking to the media at EU Day on 9th May 2022/Photo credit: TRC

The European Union ambassador has expressed fear that the prices in the country might escalate soon, saying this is because the war between Russia and Ukraine has affected the markets globally.

He said this situation would be worse for a country like South Sudan, which entirely depends on donors’ humanitarian assistance.

Ambassador Christian Bader said the only solution for the country to stop facing such a crisis is by embarking on economic and agricultural activities to avoid humanitarian dependency.

However, he said this situation is affecting the globe, which is why there is a fuel crisis and other food commodities in the markets that South Sudan is not exceptional.

“The main message is this one, we now have a crisis in Europe you know that a big one, which has an impact here in this country, the prices will start climbing and it has already started, I think I am not an expert in finance, but I could assume that the USD will also climb” Mr. Christian warned

He continues that South Sudan, like other countries globally, will be negatively affected if they fail to concentrate on the economy and agriculture reforms.

“So, you will have consequences in this country, which shows us we live in a global world. You know that as climate change, a conflict that might appear very far for you will have to face the consequences like we are facing the consequences, so we are in the middle of this”.

The European Union said is in forth front to fighting against aggression of the Russian to Ukraine.”

Ambassador Bader has also directed the parties in the peace agreement to speed up the implementation of the peace agreement and cease hostilities in some parts of the country.

He urges the main parties to the agreement to stop what he describes as the senseless conflict in parts of the Unity state, particularly in Leer and other parts of the country.

He wonders why killings are still rampant even after the peace accord. Those targeted are innocent civilians, especially women and children, and the destruction of property and the burning of houses.

“Fighting is going to the extent that when I hear, there are people who don’t even know whether the people fighting are in opposition or government. Killing people, burning houses making other South Sudanese suffer and this fighting’s within has to stop because we don’t see the point.”

The EU Ambassador has also encouraged the south Sudanese government to fund the peace process and work towards a democratic and fair election that allows citizens to elect leaders.