Authorities releases six teachers after 53 days in Rumbek military detention

Authorities in Rumbek Lakes state has released on bail the six teachers on Wednesday after 53 days in military detention said defend lawyer.

The six teachers were among the 12 teachers who were arrested on 20 June, 2022  follow a dispute over salaries arrears payment with ministry of general education in the state.

The dispute came after they refused to accept two months salaries using old scale and demand increment of 140 percent which they claimed was instructed by the national ministry of ministry of general education that restructure teachers’ salaries in July last year.

The lawyer representing the five teachers has confirmed their released and said his clients will appear in the county court on the 17 of August in Rumbek. He said the other teacher was freed by the attorney without charges.

David Kaman Bol, defend lawyer for the five teachers told Mingkaman 100 FM that his clients have been charged under penal code sections 80 and 86 for insulting state authority.

He said those released were Emmanuel Mapuor Mabor, William Ater Arieu, Majak Nhial, Makur Nyot and Ater Samuel Ahou.

Moulana Kaman insisted that his clients have not violated any law. “They are not criminals but they were asking for their rights to be given to them by national Ministry of Education last year and was supposed to start in July 2021”. Said Moulana Kaman.

He said his clients have been given a week to seek medical treatment because they are not in good health.

Mingkaman 100 FM reached one of released teachers, but he said they have been instructed not to talk to the media until next Wednesday.