Death toll in Aweil East Tuesday attacked has risen to thirteen

Authorities in Northern Bahr El-Ghazal State say the death toll  in Tuesday attack at Yinth Pabol village has risen to thirteen. Official says the attacked was carried out by Misseriya armed tribesmen from neighboring Sudan South Darfur region.

The minister of information and communication in Northern Bahr el Ghazal Hon. William Anyuon Kuol says nine civilians and four soldiers died bringing the number to 13. He added that 15 others were killed from the side of the attackers as the clashes with armed civilians.

State official reported on Tuesday that two people were killed and five others wounded in the attack.

Hon.Kuol said they destroyed properties burning down houses. “These criminals acted like thieves, even this place called Yith-Pabol where they killed people is in the middle of the village, and some other villages ahead of it towards Sudan border,” said Anyuon.

He said the government has deployed security forces in the area where the fighting took place to provide security to civilians and urges those who were displaced to returned.

One of the eyewitness, Akech Mamer Kuan said one of his relative and a friend were wounded. He said the villages were looted, sorghums, groundnuts and livestock were taken by the attackers.

He described the situation as “distress” that makes people scared to stay in Yith-Pabol village again unless the government provide adequate security.

Mamer said the attackers came at night and wait until 5 AM before they start shooting. “So, my cousin was shot in the neck, and his friend was also shot in the stomach.” he added.

The fighting is said to have been triggered by grazing land disputes and accused Misseriya cattle herders of damaging farmers crops.