Deadly crocodile sightings causes fear among Mingkaman port residents

People living near Mingkaman port have been advised to avoid direct access to the river due to fears of crocodile attacks.

Some residents have cited the reptiles roaming near people’s homes in the past few weeks. A 17-year-old girl was killed by a crocodile in the area last month.

Wol Nhial, who lives around Mingkaman port is particularly afraid for the children.

“Children and even adults have started swimming in the place where the girl was taken by crocodile last month…our people need to be protected,” he said.

Mr. Nhial urged the local government to ban swimming for the time being.

“It is very important to protect them, and this need the government to ban the access to that swimming site.”

This week, residents of Pagoor village reported an infant survived an attack by a wild animal.