CTSAMVM gets $2 million grant from Norwegian government

South Sudan peace monitoring body -CTSAMVM has received the grant of NOK 20 million ($1.9 million) from Norwegian government to support their activities.

CTSAMVM runs monitoring and verification teams in conflict-affected areas across the country, conducting patrols, gathering agreement violations, and reporting for further actions as mandated by the peace deal.

On Thursday, the Chairperson of the Ceasefire & Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring & Verification Mechanism (CTSAMVM), Major General Hailu Gonfa Eddosa and the Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, Linken Nymann Berryman signed a grant agreement to extend Norway’s financial support to its activities in the implementation of pace agreement.

In a statement extended to The Radio Community, the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) took NOK 5 million ($462,000) of the NOK 20 Million ($1.85 million) for CTSAMVM aviation services.

Ambassador Linken underscored the critical role that the mechanism play in the implementation of the peace agreement.

“Norway is a consistent partner of the people of South Sudan and continue to support the full implementation of the Peace Agreement, both in letter and spirit. CTSAMVM is vital to the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS),” she stated.

“We greatly value and pay close attention to the work being carried out by CTSAMVM. As an important mechanism overseeing the ceasefire, it plays a crucial role in the international support for peace in South Sudan.”

Linken said her government will continue support CTSAMVM as it has been doing for several years to ensure the mechanism carryout its responsibilities.

In July 2022, the United States pull out financial support for RJMEC and CTSAMVM due to a lack of progress in implementing the revitalized peace agreement. Since the, the mechanisms continued to struggle financially as the government could not fund their activities.

As the result, CTSAMVM laid down tools in March after they were not paid their allowances for 10 months.

Chairperson of CTSAMVM) Major General Hailu Gonfa Eddosa, (L) and the Norwegian Ambassador to South Sudan, Linken Nymann Berryman (R), sign a funding deal on Thursday, June 22, 2023 |Credit | CTSAMVM

CTSAMVM chairperson, Major General Hailu Gonfa lauded the Norwegian government their unwavering support to mechanism over the years citing that the grant will help them effect their duties as the country get into critical time.

“Norwegian financial assistance to CTSAMVM is critical and consistent with the international community’s political line on backing regional efforts like IGAD to stabilize South Sudan,”said Hailu.

“This year is critical for South Sudan’s peace process. CTSAMVM will continue
to play a critical role in the peace process as we continue to monitor and verify
compliance and report on the progress of the implementation of Chapter II of
the Revitalized Agreement,” He added.

Ceasefire & Transitional Security Arrangements Monitoring & Verification Mechanism is peace monitoring body mandated by the R-ARCSS to monitor and report on compliance and violations of the permanent ceasefire and the transitional security arrangements.