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Cows in Twic County to move with permits

Cows in Twic County to move with permits
FILE: Large cattle drive through a village in South Sudan

No cow is – henceforth – allowed to move in and out of Twic County without a permit, local authorities have ordered.

Officials say cattle keepers must seek authorization to herd their animals outside the county in a move they believe will reduce cattle theft.

Makut Ayuel Akuei, the Acting Executive Director of Twic said they often receive reports of missing animals after being taken for grazing.

He mentioned that the movement permit will cost 200 South Sudanese Pounds.

“We want to know when a business person is moving with cattle they bought here in Twic, they must acquire a permit from that Payam like Aja-kuac where people used buy cattle from,” Mr. Ayuel stated.

Meanwhile, police in Gogrial West County are holding a man accused of animal theft.

The suspect is said to have stolen five cows from Mangol area in Gogrial East County.

He was reportedly caught red-handed with the stolen animals earlier this week.

Gogrial West County Police Inspector said the suspect is a serial cattle rustler.

“In September this year, he was arrested in Lietnhom town red-handed with 13, cows. In the same month, he was also arrested with one cow in Mayom Totin. We sent him to jail in Gogrial town and he was released because the cow owner didn’t open a case against him. Last week, he again stole five cows in Mangol area and he was arrested in Achel Pagong village,” Inspector Major Marco Wol Manut narrated.