Court of Appeal upholds death sentence for Abuk Lual’s murderer

The Court of Appeal in Wau has upheld the death sentence passed on a Sudanese trader who was found guilty of defiling and murdering the 5-year-old girl in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State.

Saber Abu Sam was sentenced to death by hanging for killing Abuk Lual in Aweil on May 4, 2022.

The 42-year-old Sudanese trader was convicted under South Sudan 2008 child act section 12 and 36.1.

The President of Aweil High court, Judge Abraham Majur Laat, however, said the accused had the right to appeal within 14 days.

The matter was presented to the Court of Appeal in Wau.

The court then forwarded its decision to the Supreme Court in Juba for final determination.

Captain Guot Guot, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state Police spokesperson said it is up-to the Supreme Court to decide on the matter.

“The Court of Appeal in Wau has approved the verdict on Friday last week. It agreed with the decision passed by the High Court in regards to Abuk Lual Lual case. Sabir is confirmed guilty and therefore the judgement is confirmed effective…Hang-to-death,” he stated.

Sabir’s associate, Omer Mohamed Omer, who was handed a five-year jail term for harboring the offender has, however, been acquitted by the Court of Appeal.

“In the meantime, we need to exercise patience and those who always takes pleasure in spreading unfounded rumors are strongly advised to cease assumption and speculation,” Captain Guot mentioned.

In May, the High Court in Aweil made its decision after listening to testimonies from 5 witnesses.

The court charges included aggravated assault, murder, and blasphemy, among others.