Court in Aweil sentenced a murderer of Abuk Lual to death by hanging

Aweil High Court, Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, has sentenced a 42-year-old Sudanese trader, Saber Abu Sam, to death by hanging for killing a five-year-old Abuk Lual.

Late Abuk Lual Lual was defiled and killed by a trader in Aweil on May 4th, 2022.

The police in Aweil town later apprehended a Sudanese trader accused of defilement and murder and two of his colleagues for concealment of the crime.

The public hearing began on Tuesday last week when the three accused appeared in Court, but the judge freed the third accused and cited no strong enough evidence to pursue charges against him.

On Monday, the President of Aweil High court, Judge Abraham Majur Laat, read the court decree to the public pronouncing Saber Abu Sam Guilty under the South Sudan child act 2008 section 12 and 36.1.

His associate, Omer Mohamed Omer, was handed a five-year jail term for harboring the offender.

One suspect, number one Saber Abusam, is sentenced to death by hanging under South Sudan 2008 child act section 12 and 36.1. Accused, Mr. Omer is sentenced to prison for five years under Article 140 of the South Sudan constitution.

The judge says the verdict accused has the right to appeal within fourteen days. The victim’s lawyers Deng John says they are convinced that the court proceedings and outcome were fair.

“Today we have come to the final ruling of the case of baby Abuk who was raped and killed by Sabir and the court found Sabir guilty, so he is sentenced to death by hanging on neck, this was a terrible crime that has never happened here in Aweil, but since the court was fair, we are happy.”

However, Advocate Isaac Deng Athian, the suspect’s defense lawyer, said his clients have the right to appeal the court decision. He distanced himself from further Court of appeal, expressing his role was to help without pay and ensure the process concluded with fair judgment.

“We have come to the end of the court case today, and I was just volunteering myself such that I can help the Court proceed with the case. I am not ready to go for any appeal again, but if the suspects, then they can go for it, but they will need to hire another lawyer to follow their case.”

The Aweil resident members have attended the court ruling, expressed happiness, and welcomed the decision.

On Tuesday, the Court heard testimonies from five witnesses. The 12 lawyers representing the family of late Abuk seek to convince the Court to charge the men with aggravated assault, murder, and blasphemy, among others.