Court hearing of Private Yak adjourned over incomplete investigation

The military court in Juba has adjourned the hearing of suspect Yak who shot dead four people, including three Syrians in Akon, Warrap State.

Yak Garang Yak appeared at the general court martial on Friday to be tried.

However, Lt. Con. Andrew Riak, the public prosecutor, after the first reading of the investigation, said the investigation was not yet complete and as the result, there was no court case for the accused.

“Frankly speaking, there is no case direct for this case. That means there is no investigation done on the ground and therefore, I’m requesting honorable court to give time of two weeks for the completion of investigation,” said Riak.

“The exhibits are missing, the gun that was used for killing, the phones of the victims, the car and also the witnesses themselves because at the scene. We also have the other victim, Deng Malong. We have not yet recorded his details.”

For his part, Capt. Francis Ofoka Hilary, defense lawyer also requested that the complainant be brought in next session because in the cross-checking of the investigations, they found that there was no complainant.

The president of Special General Court Martial, Maj. Gen. Michael Majok Chan granted the request but gave one week for all the pieces of evidence and complainant to be produced.

“Two weeks or three weeks is long. I’m giving you one week and if you fail to complete the investigation, come and report it and we will see other ways because we don’t want to take long with this case,” said Majok.

According to the prosecutor, Yak and the three Syrians were both working for CKM International Construction Company contracted by the government to do construction in Akon.

President Kiir Earlier this week admitted that the foreigners were working on his house in the village.