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Court dismisses cohabitation case against Bishop Akau

Court dismisses cohabitation case against Bishop Akau
David Akau Kuol, bishop of Awerial Diocese of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, speaks at at event in Mingkaman on March 8, 2023 | Credit | Anyar Kuol/TRC

The defense lawyer representing Episcopal Church Bishop of Awerial Diocese has confirmed the dismissal of the cohabitation court case against the church leader.

On May 31, late Amos Awan Ghak opened the court case Number 272 at Juba County Court, accusing Bishop David Akau of illegally living with his daughter Amer as a wife for nearly 12 years.

As a result, the ECSS Internal Province of Eastern Bahr el Gazal Archbishop Alpayo Manyang Kuchtiel lifted the immunity of Bishop Akau on June 12 to appear before the court.

On Tuesday, the Juba County Court prosecutor, David Moses Tut, dismissed the case in accordance with the Wenh Alel 1984 Section 20, which stipulates that marriage is an agreement between couple and it cannot be forced.

“There is no contention because marriage is an agreement and if it is an agreement, where will the person find a way to appeal against this law?” Joseph Diardit, defense lawyer, said.

The defense lawyer representing the family of late Amos Awan Ghak was out of reach for a comment.

However, Amer Amos Awan, the woman who claimed to have been Bishop Akau’s wife secretly says she will appeal within 14 days.

“I am ready for appeal wherever. I am ready. We have filed through our defense Lawyer Philip to go for DNA test,” she said.

“We requested it before the judge that for Akau to be free and for the world to know that Akau was accused innocently, we are going for DNA test.”