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Couple murdered in their sleep by gunmen in Tonj North

Couple murdered in their sleep by gunmen in Tonj North

A couple has reportedly been murdered by unknown gunmen in Tonj North County of Warrap state.

The incident happened on Tuesday at around 10PM in Mapper village of Awul Payam.

The County Commissioner Kuol Akoon said unknown gunmen came at night and shot the man and his wife while they were sleeping with their three children near their cows. The attackers fled.

He told Mayardit FM by phone from Akoon that the suspects have not been identified.

The Commissioner further condemned the killing and said the government has launched an investigation to arrest the culprits.

“I want to advise youth; all those crisis will not allow you to cultivate your farms as now people are facing hunger. I want to tell you avoid rampant killings, it cannot allow free movement because of insecurity,” he advised.

“When there is peace you can cultivate your garden and the person who is not able to cultivate he/she can join business without fear and support is live.”

In March, Governor Aleu Ayieny Aleu launched a peaceful disarmament exercise in greater Tonj to restore peaceful coexistence among the communities.

Last month, the government of Tonj North County collected 1,148 guns from the hands of civilians through local chiefs in the area.