Cordaid donates ambulance to transport the sick in Torit County

Torit County Health Department received an ambulance from Cordaid organization this week on Tuesday.

The vehicle will be used to facilitate the referral of patients from far-reaching locations in the County.

Bure Juma Wani, the Area Coordinator of Cordaid organization said the ambulance is only for emergency cases from villages to the main hospital in Torit.

“We are saving the lives of our communities. The ambulance is here to support the community, the ambulance has to operate in the County because the community which is in Torit is the one who aligns with County Health Director,” he stated.

Jacob Atari, Torit County Commissioner pledged to ensure the new ambulance is used for its intended purpose.

He also appealed for additional vehicle to carry corpses from the mortuary to the burial places.

“The Ministry (of Health) has to get at least a vehicle that can help carry dead bodies in the hospital. There are some people who don’t have any help to hire a vehicle,” he said.

For his part, Tobia Magezi Omal, an official of the State Ministry of Health confirmed plans to secure additional vehicles for the hospital.

“This ambulance is meant to carry the living not dead persons. We are working hard with the Ministry of Public Utility so that let them get the vehicle so that people should hire to facilitate carrying the coffin,” he disclosed.

The State authorities thanked Cordaid for the donation to the hospital.