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Communities bordering Kideopa valley recommit to Chorokol agreement

Communities bordering Kideopa valley recommit to Chorokol agreement
FILE: A community dialogue organized by Whitaker Peace & Development Initiative (WPDI) in Kidepo Valley in 2019.

A-two-days consultative meeting has concluded with a call by the communities bordering Kideopa valley to continuously review and enforce the resolutions of the 2018 Chorokol agreement.

The consultative meeting was held on Tuesday to Wednesday this week in Camp 15.

Seven neighboring communities participated in the meeting. They include; Logir, Dongotono, Lobira, Ilieu, Hiyala, Didinga, Buya, and Lafon.

According to the Commissioner of Kapoeta North County, the communities reaffirmed their commitment to  foster peace coexistence across their boundaries. They particular pledged to protect women, children and the elderly from harm, and not engage in cattle raids and banditry.

“The meeting was to review and also validate the Chorokol agreement which was held this year in Chahari. The communities agreed to periodically review the progress of the agreement as well as the violation,” Commissioner Emmanuel Lolimo Epone said.

He added that the communities expressed their desire for development by allowing peace to prevail.

During the discussions of the 2018 Chorokol agreement, the communities requested for the construction of a water dam for their use and livestock.

“The communities agreed for a dam to be constructed in Lobelbel, it is bordering Logir and the Didinga as well as the Buya along Kideopa valley, they also requested for a school. So the first thing which was already implemented by the partners was the dam, the dam was constructed  and it is ready and now the community has been asked how they can share this, and issues which was cited was the issue of non-violence,” Commissioner Lolimo disclosed.

The communities of Lafon and Kapoeta North, however, raised concerns over the distance to the dam. They say it is far from their reach. The UNDP was requested to construct another dam between the boundary of Lafon and Kapoeta North.

The conference was facilitated by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the government of Eastern Equatoria state.