Commodity prices slightly dropping in Kapoeta

Kapoeta Municipal Council says the price of commodities has slightly dropped in the market.

This comes after the town Mayor asked traders in the Kapoeta market to stop unreasonable hiking of prices. His Lordship Lokuda Elia Lonya had received complaints from the public that some traders were taking advantage of the consumers.

The Mayor then directed the Chamber of Commerce in Kapoeta to inspect the price of goods in the market. The chamber found, among other items, 50kilograms of maize flour selling at 20,000 South Sudanese Pounds, while 20 litres of cooking oil was selling at 23,000 South Sudanese Pounds.

The food items now sell at 18,000 ssp for maize flour and 22,000 ssp for cooking oil.

“We convinced our traders. 25 kgs of maize flour which previously sold at 9,500 ssp is now sold 9,000 ssp. I want to thank our traders for being understanding,” Mayor Lokuda said.

A consumer confirmed to Singaita FM that she has witnessed varying and reduced prices in the market.

“I went to the market before yesterday and bought 50kgs of flour at 19,000 ssp and before it was at 20,000 ssp.”

Earlier, some traders had blamed the hike in commodity prices to high taxation by the local authorities.

The Mayor promised to address the matter.

“As government at the local level, we have requested the department of customs to also consider the plight of the business people because this business people travel long distances.”