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Commercial trucks arrive in Mingkaman 5 months after being cut off by bad roads

Commercial trucks arrive in Mingkaman 5 months after being cut off by bad roads
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The first batch of commercial trucks has arrived in Mingkaman town of Awerial County after 5 months of transportation hurdles caused by bad roads.

The area had reportedly been cut off by impassable roads due to floods and torrential rains.

Two weeks ago, the locals in the area called on Lakes state government to urgently improve road connectivity to facilitate the movement of goods from Juba.

They complained about the spike in food commodities due to the bad road between Awerial and Terekeka.

The residents of Mingakaman said the food prices have continued to rise daily.

A 50 Kg bag of maize flour that sold at 20,000 South Sudanese Pounds is sold 40,000 South Sudanese Pounds. 50 KG bag of sugar is SSP 40,000, while 5 litres of oil is sold at SSP 7,000.

Traders in Mingkaman have largely been depending on goods from Bor town which are transported by boats from the eastern bank of the Nile River.

But this week, at least 3 trucks loaded with goods arrived in the town through the Juba-Terekeka-Awerial road.

One of the truck drivers, Malong Atak told Mingkaman 100 FM that they spent 4 days between Terekeka and Mingkaman just to deliver the goods.

“It was really a tough experience. We spent those four days in just a small distance from Tamarin tree to the army barrack, because we got stuck 5 times in that small part. But the good news is the road construction companies may finished it in one week because they are working on it with high speed,” he narrated.

Lakes state Minister of Roads and Bridges, Awuol Malual recently said there are plans to rehabilitate the parts of the roads destroyed by rains and floods.

He stated that work has already began in Terekeke.

Some of the residents of Mingkaman who reacted to the arrival of the commercials trucks hope there will be an impact of the market prices.

“I was happy to see cars coming from Juba to Mingkaman for the first time. This shows that we will be able to use this road soon and goods will be coming direct from Juba to Mingkaman,” a resident said.

Another told Mingkaman 100 FM that: “The market prices are sky rocketing but there will be hope of possible reduction in market prices very soon when more vehicles start coming to Mingkaman like this with goods.”

In June, the government of Central Equatoria state launched 154-kilometer marram stretch that will connect it to Lakes state and other parts of the country.

The Terekeka-Tindilo-Tali road is being constructed by Point Investment Company, a national construction company, and is expected to be completed within 2 years.