Commercial banks ordered to close gov’t accounts

The Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) has directed all the commercial banks operating in the country to close all the government institutions bank accounts.

“…the BoSS is hereby directing all commercial banks to close all bank accounts of all central government institutions (ministries & commissions) and state governments,” the order reads.

There are government intuitions who open bank accounts with commercial banks with or without authorization from the Ministry of Finance and Planning, according to the central bank.

It also demanded the commercial banks to provide the names of the donors’ exceptional bank accounts by Friday.

The directives said the balance that will be found in the government accounts within the commercial banks will be sent to suspense account to await the next step from the bank.

“…all account balances of all central government institutions (ministries and commissions) and state government affected by this directive should be transferred to suspense account for further directives to be communicated at later date,” it adds.