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Comboni School reopens after two-week shutdown over land dispute

Comboni School reopens after two-week shutdown over land dispute
Learners who sustained injuries during the school land disputes snapped while receiving treatment at the hospital |Credit| John Kon

The Adiang Community have agreed to reopen St Daniel Comboni primary school in Wunrok town after school remained closed for two weeks due to wrangling between the neighbor and the school administration over the ownership of the school land.

Late in June, Dau Akech Thokluoi, a neighbor who claimed the land ownership attacked the pupils when they were working on their school fence. As the results, 11 learners were injured causing chaos and eventually the shutting down of the school.

Warrap State Minster of Youth, Culture & Sport, Agok Ayar Chieny said the community have agreed in a meeting to reopen the school in favor of the school and also resolved to extend school land about 1,232 meters.

Agok stated that in November, the state will demarcate the school surrounding and Dau Akech Thokluoi, Ring Bol who disputed the land with the school administration will be given different plots by the community.

“We convinced the residents of Wun-akech to allow the school reopen and they accepted. We marked the land of the school about 1,232 meters for school administration to do their activities there. The community Accepted School to be reopen on Monday next week,” Agok said.

Dau Akech who was in disputes with the school over land said he has accepted to leave the land to the school after the community promised him a new plot as compensation.

“I greed for school to continue so that no problem can happen again in school. Now the school administration and I the land owner have understood ourselves. The issue of land we will solve it through administrative way and I have no problem again school can open next week” Dau accepted.

Dau Akech has been affected by the community ruling over the land and has been advised to evacuate the land neighboring the school   before November as the community give him a new land.