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Civil servants in Bor call off their protest to allow discussion with the government

Civil servants in Bor call off their protest to allow discussion with the government
The Governor of Jonglei State, Hon. Denay Jock Chagor addressed the 5th governors forum

Civil servants in Bor Jonglei state say they are suspending their protest as a good gesture to allow their leaders to discuss with the government to address their demands. They say they will return to the street early next week should the government and union leaders disagree on the allowance payment.
At least three people were injured; other sources put figures high as nine in a renewed protest on Wednesday as demonstrators clashed with Bor security forces.

The protest was triggered by the directive of the government to divert salary allowances to address rampant security issues in the state.

Samuel Majier Looc is the secretary-general of the workers’ trade union in Bor Jonglei State. He says they have accepted the deputy governor’s request to listen to them and address their main concerns within three days.
“The deputy governor called us, and we had a lengthy discussion and promised us to solve our cases in three days,”
Majier says they have suspended the street demonstration but will be on a sitting strike until they get their right.

Ms. Veronica William Deng is the minister of information and communication in Jonglei state. She says the government will pay October salary with allowances. It is not clear if the government has canceled the earlier decision that directed allowance for security matters in the state.

She says security is a government responsibility and can’t be funded with employee allowances. “We government had a discussion and resolve that the civil servant’s salary will be paid out within two days and no deduction on the employees’ wages.”