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Citizens in NBG urges government to repair roads

Citizens in NBG urges government to repair roads
Road cutoff by flood in South Sudan's remote area.

The public has expressed concerns about the poor road network that affected Northern Bahr el Ghazal state last year.

They called the authority to renovate roads connecting the counties to the state capital Aweil ahead of the rainy season. Some community members say lack of roads affects their business and access to healthcare.

Last year, the state capital Aweil was one area disconnected from the Counties, making it difficult for the people to use vehicles and other means of transport.

This came due to heavy flooding in the areas that affected many parts of the country, including Unity, Upper Nile, and the Jonglei States.

Akol Yam 91 FM spoke to community members in Aweil. Maith Yuot, community chief, says poor roads affect the transfer of the patients with critical cases to Aweil main hospital.

“The reconstruction of this road needs good work and time that why we are worried now on when the government is going to renovate the roads that were cut off by last year flooding while we remain with some few weeks for the rainy season to start,” Malith said.

Aluel Atak Abuok, a member of the women’s group, says pregnant mothers and young children were the most affected by flooding situation, and it is suitable for the government to help.

“We want the government to help us with the roads because women face many problems, including lack of food and water shortages. We always ask ourselves why we are still suffering while having government?” she said

The ministry of roads and bridges in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State says his ministry has started the road renovation last week. Tito Ker Deng, is the director of roads in the Ministry. He says the work  to repairs the roads is ongoing between Nyamlel and Marial-baai.

He stated that a private company known as Africa resources cooperation (ARC) is contracted to build the road.  He is hopping the work would be completed before the rain fall.

“We are working on water drainage construction to avoid cutting the roads that connected counties with the state capital,” Ker said.

He assured citizens that the road connecting Aweil North and East is given to ARC company which the construction already in progress.

Mr. Ker says the community will benefit from the road renovation project the government has initiated this year. Roads in South Sudan become impassable during the rainy season cutting off supplies access and health Services between the state and counties.