Citizens asked to ‘please God’ this Christmas

As citizens break for Christmas holiday, religious leaders are appealing for peaceful celebrations and change of hearts.

There have been reports of violent conflict, banditry, and other crimes in parts of the country, especially in Upper Nile State where tens of thousands of civilians have been displaced.

In addition, the UN Mission in South Sudan on Thursday said it was concerned by reported mobilization of youth in the greater Jonglei.

In his message on Thursday, Catholic Archbishop of Juba Stephen Ameyu called on the citizens to celebrate in love and joy with one another and hope for change in the New Year.

“Christmas is a joyous and hopeful time; it encourages us to change ourselves and our societies for the better,” Said Archbishop Ameyu on Thursday in his resident in Juba.

“He needs us to see ourselves and others, our church and our country, our world with hopeful eyes so that we can work through as in living in life-giving ways.”

For his part, the Archbishop and the Primate of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Justin Badi Arama, told citizens to celebrate and present themselves in a peaceful manner.

“It is my prayer that during this Christmas, we all present ourselves in ways that please God so that the presence of the new born savior may be in our families to bring love, harmony, respect, unity and joy that will enable us join the angels in singing for peace in The world and peace in South Sudan,” Badi said in his Christmas message on Friday.

“As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ this year, our focus should be on the importance and power of good and stable families. Both the church and the government rely on good families in what they do.”