Cholera vaccination campaign resumes in Awerial

The second round of cholera vaccination campaign has begun today in Awerial County, Lakes state.

It is targeting at least 43,000 people with first dose of cholera vaccine and booster shots.

The door-to-door exercise is being conducted by Awerial County with support from the Samaritan Purse.

James Manyiel Agup, the Acting County Medical Officer in the area said they have recruited and trained more than 30 tally registrars and team supervisors to administer the vaccine successfully.

“The vaccination will also be a first dose to those who did not receive the first dose. This booster dose will help people who receive the first dose to protect them up to five years,” he stated.

Awerial County Health Department has also launched the integrated COVID-19 vaccination campaign that will be part of a routine immunization in the health facilities across the County.

Health Pooled Fund through CAUMM supports the COVID-19 routine Immunization campaign.