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Child drowns in water cooler in Tonj

Child drowns in water cooler in Tonj

A 3-year-old boy drowned in a water cooler in Tonj North County in Warrap State on Sunday, authorities have confirmed.

A police officer says Bol Malueth Arou was home alone when he climbed up an empty water bucket in order to fetch water from the cooler.

“The bucket was little a bit taller than the child. The child tried to get water but unable. He got a bucket to climb so that he could fetch water. Unfortunately, the child felt into the water cooler,” Sgt Maj Daniel Deng told Mayardit FM.

Unfortunately, he said the little boy felt in head-first and spent approximately two hours under the water.

The incident, Sgt Maj Deng continued, occurred when the parents were away and the sister had gone to the neighbor’s to grind sorghum.

This is the second time the family lost a child to drowning. Three years ago, Malueth’s sister Abuk allegedly drowned in pond at the age of three.