Chagor fires Bor mayor, reinstates lands minister

The governor of Jonglei state Denay Jock has fired the mayor of Bor Municipal Council, Samuel Ateny Pech, amidst land disputes.

The state authorities in had been engaging in authoritative orders over Vegetable Farmers Women Union land that was said to have been leased to an unnamed investor.

The mayor’s office was also accused of selling plots registered to individual residents.

At the weekend, the deputy governor issued stay-home order against Isaac Mamer, minister of land and housing, for objecting to the leasing of the pieces of land.

But in what appears to be a show of power, Governor Denay Jock Chagor relieved Ateny. In another gubernatorial order issued on Monday evening, Chagor reinstated Mamer and lifted the house arrest order.

“I advise the people who paid their money to the municipal Council to follow legal procedures to get back their money,” said Bol Deng, civil society representative.

Reacting to the development, members of the women’s union are seen in a video footage celebrating on their plot, singing praise songs.

Meanwhile, Ateny posted on his Facebook timeline, thanking the state governor for having him serve the people foe eight months.

“The relief is welcomed the same way the appointment was. All the best to the next Mayor in case he/she might be appointed,” he writes on his official Facebook page.

Several phone calls to Jonglei state minister for information John Samuel Manyuon went unanswered.